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abylon LOGON SSO Home

Login once during the Windows logon with your smart card, CD or USB stick and an optional password
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12 June 2014

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Single sign on and protection is provided by this tool.

abylon LOGON provides a safe and comfortable Windows and application login with a smart card, a USB stick or a CD. This hardware and software combination is available in three configurations. The first combination includes an OMNIKEY 3021 USB CardMan hardware. Quantity 2 processor chip card is also supplied with it and the SSO software of the home edition. The other configurations provides hardware and the SSO Pro version software. If you need to protect your computer and want to use only one password for access to not only Windows but other applications then this software backed by an additional hardware can help you do that. This hardware could be a smart card, a USB stick or a CD / DVD with your windows login data. For user, the advantage is he does not need to remember the password. Physically protecting the hardware key will make it impossible for anyone else to even get started.

Login name and password credentials are entered just once. The data gets encrypted. Additional protection is provided by on-line registration. Various certificate smart cards are supported. When logging on the smart card or USB-Token must be plugged in. The user will need to enter the corresponding PIN. User must be able to take care of the certificate smart card and token, the processor chip card, memory chip card, removable disk, the CD/DVD, the RFID cards and the password. An administration panel lets you activate/deactivate protection or get the system locked. This is a very good tool.

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Would it be nice if you should be able to logon only once to you operating system and all password-protected programs and services can use without entering the password again and again? The software abylon LOGON SSO Home offers this opportunity. During the Windows login a smart card, a USB stick or a CD / DVD can be use as key. An additional protection with a password is optional possible. After starting the desired software the passwords are entered automatically and the application starts like magic. Even while working, the software abylon LOGON SSO Home detect the password dialogues and insert the data. Besides the gain in comfort, the software also offers an enhanced protection through a high-grade encryption using the AES-(256 bit) or Blowfish algorithm (448 bit). In addition, the spying of your passwords for example by key logger is much more difficult. Do you have to leave the computer in the short term, you simply remove your "key" and the computer will be immediately blocked or logged. This prevents even during a short absence unwanted prying eyes and theft.
abylon LOGON SSO Home
abylon LOGON SSO Home
Version 11.60.2
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